The following information is provided for you to understand the membership process here at Millersville Bible Church.

Why Membership?

Officially becoming a member of a local church is an important step for each believer. The Bible teaches that we are already members “one with the other” because of our spiritual union with Jesus Christ. In this sense, we are already all part of that great body of individuals who have come to salvation through personal faith in God’s Son. It is clear from the New Testament, however, that God’s design is for each Christian to also be an accountable part of an organized, local group of believers who assemble under the pastoral oversight of elders. The loving, mutual service which results among the people of God is His means of presenting Christ to the watching world, and is also one essential way for us to show love for God. As times change, cultures change as well, and often the surrounding society strongly impacts the Church. We live today in an age of increasing demand for privacy, individuals “rights,” and self-fulfillment. Sadly, we often find the same attitudes present in those who profess to follow Jesus Christ, and this has negatively affected both the church’s power and witness.

Am I Ready?

In general, membership at MBC is extended to all believers who:

  1. Submit an application and written testimony of one’s personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior to the Board or senior pastor.
  2. Desire to live a life separated from sinful habits of the flesh and worldliness.
  3. Evidence a burden for those without Jesus Christ as Savior and desire to be used to share the Gospel.
  4. Are in agreement with the Statement of Faith and the Constitution and By-Laws of this Church.
  5. Have been baptized as a believer. The mode practiced by this church shall be immersion.
  6. Demonstrate commitment to each other and to God by giving one’s time, talents, and financial support to the ministry of the Church.
  7. Appear before the Board or representatives thereof to be examined in the above areas and upon unanimous approval of the Board to be received into membership.