Mission Statement:

MBC’s Nursery Ministry exists to provide a safe, loving, and enjoyable environment for children, so that parents may participate in other MBC ministries.

Information for New Nursery Users:

Sign-In– When you arrive at the nursery room, please sign your child in and fill in the requested information regarding how you wish to be contacted (text message or pager), your location, whether your child has a cup/bottle, whether your child may be fed snacks, etc. Also, for the infant nursery, please indicate whether you want your infant to be placed on his stomach or side/back.

Diaper Bags – A cubicle marked with your child’s name will be available for the child’s diaper bag. Please do not use the pegs under the cubicles to hang diaper bags; they are not strong enough. The pegs are to be used for the child’s coat. Please label all of the child’s belongings. If a pacifier is not labeled, it should be on a cord, which may be attached to the child’s clothing.

Contacting You – Pagers are available for your use in each nursery. Please be sure the pager number is written on the sign-in sheet. We also have the option of sending you a text message if your child needs you during the service. The phone numbers you provide on the child information sheet are the numbers we put into our texting system. If you would like to receive a text, please note that on the updated sign-in sheet. If you choose the texting option, we require parents to take their child’s clip-on name tag for identification. On occasion the text system can be used if your child struggles with the drop-off transition. Please tell the nursery workers if you would like a text telling you “all is well.” Sometimes a child will cry when the parent leaves or at some time during the service. If the child cannot be consoled after 5-10 minutes, the parent will be contacted. If the parent does not respond, a nursery caregiver will go get the parent. When picking up your child, you must return either the pager or the clip-on name tag. Only the person with the correct pager or name tag will be able to pick up your child.

Feeding – Caregivers will feed your child a bottle or juice that you provide. Formula must be premixed. A bottle warmer is available. Your child’s bottle or sippy cup must be labeled. Cheerios and animal crackers are provided to children as snacks, unless parents specify otherwise.

Illness – We are concerned about the health of all the children in our care. Much attention is given to keeping the nursery clean. Please do not place your child in the nursery if he has displayed any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: diarrhea, vomiting, fever, rash, open sores, or runny nose (anything but clear).

Quiet Room – There is a separate room within the infant nursery that contains pack-n-plays for sleeping babies and a rocking chair for breastfeeding mothers.